The Policy below only applies to orders that are being delivered to an address in the United Kingdom.

Some of the products we sell are deemed by the UK Government as Age Restricted Products, such as our shaving razors. In 2019, the UK Government introduced the Offensive Weapons Act 2019 which poses restrictions on selling bladed articles online. Under this law, we are required to ensure that the product is handed to a person of 18 years or over when it is delivered.

Delivering Your Order

We have to ensure that the parcel that contains the Age Restricted Products are handed to a person of 18 years or over at the time of delivery. To do this, we use Royal Mail’s Age Verification Service which is only available on tracked delivery methods, and as such, non tracked delivery methods will not be available for any orders that contain Age Restricted Products.

Royal Mail operate a Challenge 25 Policy, meaning that for any orders containing Age Restricted Products, the recipient may be required to provide ID to prove that they are a person of 18 years or over if the postal worker believes them to look under the age of 25.

Age Restricted Products Surcharge

Royal Mail charges us to utilise the Age Verification Service. We have taken the decision to subsidise this charge, however, in order to keep our prices low, we need to pass on some of this charge to our customers. As such, any orders containing Age Restricted Products will incur a one-time £1.99 Age Restricted Products Surcharge. This surcharge remains the same no matter how many Age Restricted Products you place in your basket, so you’ll only pay the surcharge once per order.